WBU student secures Bioinformatics Research Internship in Switzerland

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Klea Sinjari, a Biotechnology student at Western Balkans University, has been selected as a winner for a research internship in Switzerland in a prestigious, fully funded, three-month intensive program for research in the field of bioinformatics run by the National Center for Bio-Inspired Materials. Competences in Research, in cooperation with the Swiss Foundation of Research Sciences at the University of Friborg.

Being a part of this interdisciplinary center, known for innovation and research, the selected student will have the opportunity to delve into scientific research.

Every year, NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials allows 20 students from all over the world to participate in innovative research within one of the center’s research groups, located in important Swiss institutions. What sets this opportunity apart is the visible impact that past interns have had on scientific publications, underscoring the exceptional quality of research and practice offered to participants.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the selection process for this internship is very competitive, distinguishing the chosen candidate from a pool of over 1000 applicants, including students from some of the world’s best universities.

As the selected student prepares to begin this rare experience, we wish her the best of luck in expanding her intellectual horizons and playing a key role in advancing knowledge and innovation in the dynamic field of bioinformatics.

In an exciting announcement, student Klea Sinjari writes:
“I am excited to announce that I have been selected for a prestigious research internship in Switzerland. This is a three-month, fully funded, intensive bioinformatics research program organized by the National Bio-Inspired Materials Research Competence Center and the Swiss National Science Foundation at the University of Friborg. As part of this interdisciplinary center, known for its scientific research and innovation, I will have the golden opportunity to research in recent research. Each year, NCCR Bio-Inspired Materials offers up to 20 university students from around the world the opportunity to participate in innovative research within one of the Center’s research groups at leading Swiss institutions. What is truly exciting is that last summer’s interns actively contributed to scientific publications, demonstrating the exceptional quality of research and the valuable hands-on experience offered to students. Moreover, it is humbling to be among those selected from over 1,000 competitors, including students from 20 of the most prestigious universities around the world.”

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