Rights & Responsibilities


Students have the right to:

  • Attend all educational activities held within the study program they are enrolled in.
  • Use the infrastructure provided by the University for the educational process and benefit from the support services offered by the institution.
  • Benefit from the educational process and graduate after fulfilling all the obligations specified in the curriculum.
  • Attend lectures, seminars, and other educational activities organized according to their status.
  • Utilize library facilities, computer labs, and other services provided by the institution for the realization of the study program.
  • Participate in the decision-making processes of the University in accordance with the provisions of this Statute and other regulations of the institution.
  • Express their evaluation of the quality of teaching and the work of the personnel in the institution.
  • Sign a service contract at the time of registration at Western Balkans University, according to the elements and form of the contract specified by the applicable legal provisions.
  • Be insured by Western Balkans University, in one of the insurance companies, for the entire planned duration of their studies, against the risk of interruption of activities or other risks, as determined by the applicable legal provisions.
  • Receive a student card.
  • Organize themselves into non-political student associations, according to the provisions of relevant laws and sub-laws.
  • Participate in artistic, cultural, sports, and recreational activities organized by the institution outside the educational process.
  • Influence the improvement of the educational process through democratic forms of expressing their will.
  • Be heard by the relevant authorities before any punitive measures are taken against them.
  • Be included in the network of graduates (Alumni) after completing university studies.
Student Rights

The student is obligated to:

  • Follow all regulations, guidelines, and orders set by the institution.
  • Respect the rights of the personnel and other students.
  • Dedicate proper attention to their studies and participate in academic activities.
  • Pay tuition fees and fees for the services provided by Western Balkans University.
  • Adhere to the rules of ethics specified in the Code of Ethics.
  • Show due respect for the rights of the personnel and other students