Geldon Hoxhaj

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Geldon Hoxhaj

Talented in: Activism
Student in: Biotechnology
Academic Year: 2022-2025


My name is Geldon Hoxhaj, and I study Biotechnology at Western Balkans University.

Through my activism, I strive to break down the barriers that stigmatize and marginalize individuals based on their sexual orientation or HIV status. I work tirelessly to raise awareness, educate communities, and fight against discrimination, ensuring that every person, regardless of their sexual orientation or HIV status, has access to the same rights, opportunities, and resources as their counterparts. By promoting understanding, compassion, and acceptance, I aim to create a society where everyone can live free from prejudice and discrimination, embracing their true selves without fear. This is also the spirit I want to bring to the university and make Western Balkans University a welcoming place for every student in the future. 

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