Green Code

How can I strengthen my connection with nature?
More simple, become part of the "Green Code" club.
If you are a Nature Lover, you like forest walks, smelling flowers, stars and sunsets, rivers and rocks, then you are in the right place.
The "Green Code" club, gathering together the most ardent nature enthusiasts, aims to spread awareness of the importance of nature and its preservation in the development of a better tomorrow. This club aims to increase students' awareness and provide freedom to participate in various environmental activities, in the process of preserving ecology and promoting sustainable development. "Green Code" commits students to protect and preserve environmental conditions in and around the university and inspire others to spread on a large scale throughout the country.
But animals are also part of nature and as such, activities, discussions about animal rescue, endangered animals, animal hunting, etc. will take place in this club.
The members of this club feel completely enchanted in the company of rivers and rocks, wild flowers and trees.