Serxho Luani

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Serxho Luani

Talented in: Sport
Student in: Dentistry
Academic Year: 2022-2027


I am Serxho Luani, a student in the Dentistry department at WBU.
One of my biggest passions is football. I started it at a young age and I continue to be a part of it. I am the winner of several championships and a participant in regional nationals. I am also part of the sports clubs of the Western Balkans University, such as the student football club "Kick it Off" and the volleyball club "WBU Volleys". I really like the matches that these clubs organize and I try to always attend, thus making it possible to follow my passion even during university.
Another passion of mine is acting, where I won the first prize "Best Show" at the Migjeni Theater.

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